About Us

Somer Health is a global medical products and supplements company focussed on delivering the latest medical appliances and consumables for optimum health and wellness.  Founded in 2019 Somer Health is family run business of healthcare professionals with over 50 years of experience in clinical care. Our sole mission is to go above and beyond for the care of our people.


Husam is a graduate of Manchester University with an MPharm degree and has over 13 years of clinical experience as a pharmacist having worked in the hospital and community settings. He is also a successful entrepreneur now based in Birmingham where he set up his own pharmaceutical company in 2012 with manufacturing and distribution of medications worldwide his area of expertise. Through his role as Director and Business Development manager of his pharmaceutical company, Husam is a highly skilled partner in Somer Health.


Mohammed Jafar graduated from Cardiff University in 2012 with an MPharm degree and has over 10 years of experience in working as a community pharmacist in Bristol and South Wales. Mohammed also has experience in a managerial role in various big chain pharmacies having been appointed as the Manager of the Superdrug pharmacy in 2017. Over the years he has gained significant knowledge of medical supplies including EU medical device regulation and is passionate about being able to meet the demand of supplying personal protective equipment to local businesses and wholesalers across the country.


With over 23 years’ experience working for the National Health Service, Dr Amer Jafar is a well-known and respected Stroke and Rehabilitation physician who has worked in the  Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport (Anuerin Bevan University Health Board) since 1995. Dr Amer Jafar has appeared numerous times in the local newspaper The Argus with developments in the care of stroke patients in South Wales and is actively involved in research in his field. During his long career in the NHS he was a dedicated committee member of the Royal College of Physicians and worked closely with the British Medical Association – Wales.


Coronavirus update

Due to the increasing demand for safety equipment and products due to the Coronavirus we are doing our best to meet the demands of all our customers.

We firmly believe everyone should have access to effective personal protective equipment at an affordable price and it is our mission to continue to provide this equipment from our partners straight to our customers.

Why should you choose Somer Health?

A family run business enthusiastic on making a mark on the medical supplies industry!


We source the highest quality products from across the world in line with EU and UK regulation to confidently meet your needs


We have vertically aligned business processes giving us short lead times to support you on demand anywhere in the UK


With over 50 years of healthcare professional experience, we have an unrivalled understanding of you, our valued customers